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Anikiko is a force to be reckoned with. A genre bending queen she makes no apologies for her passion for eliciting emotion which is strong and gentle at once. Her presence, attitude and commitment is to performance excellence and to bring that “otherness” to events and shows which people keep coming back for. Anikiko is essentially electro/pop with folk and ballad numbers for those intimate moments, sass and raunchy appeal for track with a little more fire and then brings to stage a quirky and playful beat driven sound. Producer and writer, her understanding of emotion and how music is used to shift states, she also creates soundscapes using her powerful voice and ancient tones for health benefits.
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Light Years
Super Force
Heart Finder

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Not one to sit back in the collaboration suite, a writer, top liner and producer Anikiko writes for several projects and brings everything to the table. Never just a hired voice, when in the recording studio, Anikiko is very particular about the sonic texture, melody and lyric. "Fun and refreshing" with a unique perspective to add twist and turns weaving concept and melody to strike a result that will stand the test of time is her approach to every song. Anikiko is always refining her craft and serving the message and sound in a song.

Awards :

ISC - International Songwriting Competition Honourable Mention (top 10) EDM/Dance 2014 :
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USA Song Of The Year Competition – Won Songwriter of the Year 2013 in Folk section (You Make It Possible) Read More
USA Song Of The Year Competition - 2013 Winner Runner Up with Love Holds The Key Read More/

Ozmusic finalist and top 5 Nominee for Electronic and dance March 2012
Press Eat your heart out
Music Feeds into good health
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Projects - A very prolific writer and part of several cowriting teams in LA / UK and Australia Anikiko has been a very active writer and top liner. With a voice that’s easy to remember and impossible to forget Anikiko is a sort after independent topliner and writer who works with DJ’s/producers and writers worldwide as well as writing /producing for film and licensing.


About Music Nutrition:

With her background in sound and healing this project was created to use sound as medicine. In an ever growing stressed out society with everyone “wanting to feel better” Anikiko has created a solution using specific sounds, frequencies and ancient healing qualities that have been doing just that - making everyone feel better! Used worldwide in spas, soundtracks and well being industries consumers are getting the “good vibrations” in. A system of sound for Optimal Wellbeing
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