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“I Am Remembrance” video snippet!

Anikiko’s new Music video

“I Am Remembrance”

I Am Remembrance is a calling to the aspects of you being born to live the best life possible.

A track that is a departure from anything Anikiko has ever written is inspired by a time of awakening. It comes from an ancient language of light downloaded as sound and frequency. Sometimes called “light language”.

“Sometimes the intention and desire in my heart cannot be described by words in the known language like English or my original language Czech.
How can I describe the sound of light other than through the very sounds and unique language that came through when writing and recording this piece? “

Anikiko indeed has created a new sound and language that transports listeners into other realms, where they can imagine that which they want to create and travel to the places where these things can manifest.

Anikiko’s intention:

“This track is about calling in Divine Remembrance of all that you are born to be, here to remember and for all forgotten aspects to come home and integrate into that which you choose to be”.

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