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Attention: You’re about to watch the Futureproof official lyric video!


Anikiko’s new clip “Futureproof” is now available on Youtube!



What makes us future proof? The billion-dollar question when it comes to disrupting times. Anikiko may not have had the crystal ball of answers, but she does offer up some fresh perspective through her music and this new film clip FutureProof – which will be out on November 11th!

Through this time, Anikiko has had her own life’s challenges and is now expecting her third baby in just a few short weeks. She recalls how in the 7th month of her pregnancy with her son (now 4 yrs old) she sang at the New Year’s Eve Opera house event in Syndey Australia for the Lord Mayor’s celebrations in a sequined dress that only accentuated her bulging belly on stage.

“I believe that the antidote to difficult times where such separation and intense emotions can ruin what’s precious is CREATIVITY and to step into creation. Music, art and expression from the heart are the gateways to our future – says Anikiko

The themes of this new music video address what brings us back together, communication, isolation searching for connection and of course letting go of fear to uplit ourselves out of troubled times.

Anikiko says that recording this track was an amazing experience. Originally recorded in the USA, Philadelphia with her amazing co-writer and producer Keath lowry and team Austin Woodlin at Groove Control Productions Anikiko then completed the track across the shores from Sydney with dropping in vocal changes. She continues to write and release with her Philadelphia team.

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