Creator of Music Nutrition, Artist, Mentor and Queen of Vibration with a force and presence that transforms lives, business and brands who are ready for more.

I have delivered over 12,000 sessions working with some of the world’s best entertainers, business owners, CEO’s, high performers, hero mums and dads, navigate through the most pivotal times of their lives.

Life is limitless and so are you. access inspiration education and events in your next level now!

Did you know that there are 11 Stages that move between feeling powerless and in total financial debt to being in your GENIUS ZONE and having World or team impact and wealth?

It's all about shifting your state, your vibration. Next level success is always a paradigm shift and it cannot happen at the level of thought or strategy.

Where are you on this Lucid Chart?

As an artist and entrepreneur, I know that the powerhouse is Your Genius Zone where opening up access to your whole brain to utilize, vitality, expression and unlimited focus are key.

Get access now to a very unique yet powerful tool that high-level achievers, CEO's, artists, movie directors, Entrepreneurs as well as those ready to go to their next level in life use to shift them into gear for focus, deep recuperation and enhance performance both personally and professionally now.

My mission is to hold the torch of transformation and pass it onto as many leaders, game changers and entrepreneurs so they can light up this world with their passion and vision.


Dynamic and powerful, Anikiko moves audiences worldwide with messages and music creating a memorable impact and inspiring experiences that are hard to forget!


The “real deal” Anikiko is a specialized kinesiologist, one of Australia’s veterans in the field having qualified as the youngest highest qualified kinesiologist when she attained her status.

Empowering Mentor and Educator

Her company helps organisations, leaders and entrepreneurs who want to create world impact align brain, business, body and brand with their true voice.

Performer and producer

Anikiko has written, produced over 100 pieces, several albums, performed to live audiences of thousands, licensed her music to film and TV as well as created a whole body and brain audio frequency program to maximize performance and healing.

Top Programs

This is a POWER packed LASER 11 days of moving from any states of Powerlessness in whatever is holding you back from being in your natural zone of GENIUS.

This is a program to challenge yourself to getout of your own shit, stay in flow and inside your genius zone and have fun whilst doing it!

Are you ready to embark on a journey of profound personal growth and self-discovery? Anikiko, the Breakthrough Expert, invites you to experience the transformative power of one-on-one coaching.

Ready to join our membership and start living your best life? With our membership, you'll gain the tools and resources to transform your mindset and unlock the frequency of life and vibration through Music Nutrition.

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