Eating blueberries one by one
Just Before the sun spills out
Before midnight turns a corner
And kisses the sun

Ch-You are with me x 2

Together we eat Til there’s just one left
You insist I eat it
All by myself
While you watch with purring eyes
I can see the corners of your mouth smile at me

Ch-You are with me

I taste your desire
As you silently soak me in
You said No need to rush……..
We have til forever
– –
Ch- You are with me

What of the time
When the last drop falls
from the sky?
When the last seed sprouts before autumn opens it’s eyes?

Or When I’m weathered
And have forgotten your name
Sipping tea
While our grand kids play
Are you with me still? – Will you be there still?
-You are with me still….

For the moment you came
I never turned away
And I still have the wings
Of the butterfly you gave

Ch-You are with me
You always were since/
Your words made a bed in my mind and
Your kiss eclipsed mine
Your blueberry blue tongue tasted so sweet
I felt tingled right down to my feet
You nestled snuggly in my soul
Here’s home x2

You are within me x 4

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