Its another summer night before the sun aligns
strolling down/to the beach watching waves collide
Your smile running circles in my head
Tingles down my spine and the feeling spreads

its time i let this feeling out
there’s no room to run, i just wana shout
I wana show you everything i need
its getting harder and tighter to breath
cos im

CH Falling Falling into you deep
Fallin falling awake or asleep
Falling falling into release
Are we gonna take the chance and make the leap
Falling Falling x 2

Feels like I’ve know you many times before

So familiar yet I keep learning more
deep breath just take it slow
I remind my self this moment won’t go

I wana soak you up and melt all time
everything about you takes me over the line
the fire between us burning bright
i don’t ever see its gonna dim its light

Cos Im….. CHORUS

I want to let you know
I won’t let you go
You got my kind of glow
I gonna let it show
There’s an endless flow

I won’t run and hide
I’m gonna let it out



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