About Anikiko

A transformation keynote speaker and radio host as well as a professional singer/songwriter and author.

Anikiko is an artist both in her musical work as well in her wellbeing company True Voice Global and merged the two fields together ever so uniquely so that with her team ignites and empowers the heartbeat behind the brand by aligning organizations and individuals true voice with their body, brain, brand and business.

A top notch Kinesiologist and coach Anikiko has worked with over 10,000 people in one to one or group trainings. She is the director of Sydney Kinesiology. She is the creator of Music Nutrition (audio programs and frequency medicine for brain performance, focus and relaxation) and recognises the power frequency and vibration have in success creation.

Anikiko has woven her voice, success formulas and music into events and programs. She has spoken at and performed events such as Opera House New Years Eve and performed with the symphony orchestra 2016 Ignite, International Shows USA and ASIA, Corporate events, Gala events, Sydney Festival.

An endless researcher of brain and body human potential and sustainable health Anikiko’s background in kinesiology, vibrational medicine and psychology give deeper insight to working with clients and her strategies help leaders and aspiring leaders, artists and entrepreneurs uplift and enliven vision for results and world impact.

As an artist Anikiko uses music to shift and inspire states in her audiences. She has been co-writing on the move and has been a judge and panel of international competitions like The International Song Writing Competition. A hired voice she produces, cowrites, original music that features crisp vocals, emotional music suitable for film/TV, advertising and writes to briefs. A "something else", "transformative" & "Something For Everbody Appeal",impressive reviews by ABC Limelight Magazine, Street Press Mags & FHM's, Natures Way & Sydney Morning Herald

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