Are you getting the Good Vibrations In To Prolong Life and Increase Health?

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So can listening to the Sounds of Solace Music Nutrition and Particles of Goodness  effectively improve quality of life,  increase health and probably prolong life?

I believe yes as they share qualities of some of the classical composers mentioned in the below Pubmed article. So let’s get the good vibrations in with Soul Food, Soul Music and Some cool education. I am really excited to being sharing these events with you if you are someone who wants to have fun, expand your potential, open up to receive more of what you want and let music work for you in a deep and powerful way.

I will basically be sharing some golden keys from my background in Kinesiology and give some real practical ways to shift state, use good music and get a whole lot of goodness in on multiple levels. The results I have had so far have surprised me so I am ready to share this with my music crowd.

Eventbrite - IKU Presents: Dinner, Healing, W/shop + CD with Anikiko & Music Nutrition

Here is the new website for Music-Nutrition. I am so happy this has come about now. It’s been a long time coming.


The Particles Of Goodness album is full of good vibrations is not on itunes yet because there are discussions about where it might still live. So for now, it is living only on my site. Its easy to download. You will get a link at the checkout page.


Some of the talent of producers, cowriters or remix artists featured are Tony SmithJolyon PetchThe Owl (John Devecchis), Rob Milton, Tom TigheJotheo, SicreaMosh CohenDave Greene and Ilan Kidron (Potbelleez) and more!

A few bits and pieces about some benefits of music in the pubmed article. What is interesting that the referenced pieces of music have in common certain frequencies that I have mixed into the particles of goodness album! The music of many composers most effectively improves quality of life, will increase health and probably prolong life, especially classical music.

Check it out:

Other tracks are on ITUNES here


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