Have you found your heart Finder?

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Original is here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/particles-of-goodness/id858271959


Heart Finder Acoustic Version.

Heart Finder… this song always breaks me out of fear. Thought to do a warm version so reverse engineering my electronic tracks….doing some acoustic studio live sessions – what do you think?

Always a pleasure working with Nick Miller on guitar… Thank you Nick.

What else is new? Some massive tracks are being mixed by serious artist and co-writing with some talent I am honoured to work with.

I’ll let you know who once some release are on the horizon!

Oh did I mention that all the healing music is now out? yes it is: check it plus with full workbooks to shift any challenge you got going on with music and awareness. Loving giving you these kind of goods and hearing that it is helping y’all out x

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Lots of Love … love to hear your thoughts..

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  • Mignon

    thats so beautiful 🙂

  • Maaya

    za6to nqma radost si e klsaika v janra.mnog me kefi taq prostotiq!edin den taka se bqh vmania4ila 4e postoqnno si go pripqvah(dosta dosadno za tiq okolo men:).sledva6tiq hit e 6 koko6ki sym zaklala .mmmm,da!mega typo!!!ama me izpylva otvsqkyde!ironiqta e oba4e 4e predi nqkolko dni v selo zadignaha na baba 6 koko6ki koi li si e pripqval posle 6 koko6ki sym zaklala,ruino vino sym nalqla ?ne znam,ama koko6kite gi nqma!

  • Well put, sir, well put. I’ll certainly make note of that.

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