Lyrics – Wrapped Up

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You  know the times when something is lost and you know its forever and it takes all you have not to let the shadow of the pain steal what’s precious…. or when someone close to you has died and even though you smile remembering the joys of their existence, you still taste the salty tears in the corner of your mouth….

Wrapped Up – from Fibonacci’s Seam

I can see

There’s nothing left, nothing left

I can feel

There’s nothing left to fear

Cos I’m gonna hold you all night

Oh and I’m gonna hold you in my arms

Every time I lost a piece of you

I lost a piece of me

The death of you left

A wide hole

Inside of me

Oh oh

And I remember when

You would hold me

I remember when

You whispered to me

And I’m gonna hold those memories

‘Cos they show me

What’s precious
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