New Track: Lover Let’s Never Say Goodbye

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Hey there beautiful people, so I did promise I’d let you in on a new track I have been writing. It was inspired by a very creative and amazing writer who asked me to write a song about a character in his book and the relationship he shares with a very special woman. Above all this man loves this woman very much and he just wants her to be happy and secure in his feelings for her. He assures her and her love for him surprises him. ANyhow, much more to be said about those two but here is a new story inspired by the book which is set to have a motion picture manifestation.

Exciting times!




Lover Lets Never Say Goodbye

Writer/Composer/Producer Ani Neradilkova



The time will come

When all the questions will be undone

And you stand as the answer before me


You question will I

Ever return and I promise

It only you in my arms i will ever be holding




There’s a place we can meet each night

We fall under the same starlight

Though i am far away,

Lover believe me when I say



Lets never say goodbye x 2




All I have

Is what I know and I own this feeling

never grows old like the fire for you inside me


Words don’t come so

Easily like the rain in my eyes

My head’s in my heart for the first time


There’s a place I can show you to

Close your eyes you will see it to

Though i am far away,

Lover believe me when i say





You crash landed into my storm

You’re the thunder I’ve been waiting for

More than just a blazing desire

You burn like the sun a warm lasting fire

Over a dark stubborn heart

You show me how forever with you could start






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