360 Moments! Aha I get it! Art of health and music

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Sunday morning walk and a 360 moment about music nutrition, music I’m writing and how it unwrapped itself today

I was at a Vstar event on Friday night that my nutritionist Dr Sean Kirsten invited me to and there I bumped into my very first employer Mr Ken from IKU wholefood kitchen’s. As we chatted about what went down the last many many years I told him about health, what I’d done with kinesiology and music I’d released and about Sounds Of Solace and Music-nutrition. He loved it and suggested playing it in the restaurants of IKU and thats when I had my Ah-ha 360 moment. Love it!!







From parents who are both musicians, to the stress and environment of immigrating to a new country, to major health issues and hospitals throughout my teenage years, I found music, kinesiology and whole-food to bring about balance in my life.

Walking in the park today just had reflection after reflection of this realisation about how music unwraps itself as an amazing gift every day. I am passionate about health and plant based nutrition for optimum health and in the last 48 hours I have just witnessed how it all fits in together.

I got into kinesiology shortly after being in hospital with major health issue and decided that I wanted to help others with kinesiology and whole-food as it changed my life. After qualifying as the youngest kinesiologist in Australia and practising my whole adult life I realized the only way I could help more people was to do it with sound and music through performance or a larger distribution than one to one kinesiology. WHen clients starting saying I should use my voice more in sessions or to record something they could take home I started to listen and decided to do just that. I wanted to share the benefits and goodness music had to offer and marry it with what I had learned about health and wellness.

I’m an artist in everything I do and excited that I have found a way to do it through all the music I write and share. Be in the singer-songer or the Sounds Of Solace. In particular though, the sounds of solace music is dedicated solely to frequencies and vibrations which shift your state and that is what Ken was talking about using in his restaurants.


Healing Music: https://anikiko.com/music/sounds-of-solace/
Itunes music: https://itunes.apple.com/au/artist/anikiko/id366400177

Dr. Sean Kirsten my nutrition guru who invited me to the event : http://integrativehealthprofessionals.com/team-view/sean-kirsten/

Vstar: the event was by these guys: https://www.facebook.com/VStarBliss

IKU Kitchen is : http://www.iku.com.au/

Forks Over Knives awesome Documentary: http://youtu.be/vPJbYAYzP04





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