Particles Of Goodness…. Coming Soon December 5th

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Here’s a little description of the album dedication – Launch December 5th

Whaat Club
20 Bayswater Road
Kings Cross


This album is about Particles of Goodness clustering together to form and create a rich experience and landscape of upbeat music that carries and transports you, my listener out of fear, pain and give access to a place of happiness and ‘otherness’. I have added beneficial frequencies into the tracks that are researched to create certain mind and body benefits.

I believe that Love Holds The Key and listening to The Call inside your own heart forges a path that sometimes seems like Light Years to achieve. Following the Whispers in your heart isn’t always easy and it’s the commitment to being a Heart Finder that has lead me out of times where I Lost Myself and may have Hurt You and myself because I was in doubt and fear. You are the Particles of Goodness in my life, I stand Pure and Naked before you with all my music whether it’s a ballad or dance track and I dedicate this album to you and my co-producers as a celebration of life with you in it. Indeed there is Happiness wherever the Music Is Alive and may the Lights never dim or fade for if they do, turn the music up to feel Invincible! In this life, it is Game On.

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