Bali and Karma Here We Come!

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OOO I am sooo excited.. So I am going to Bali this week to bring my favourite worlds together! Music and the Mind/body medicine work I do – Kinesiology – check it – I’ll being giving an INSPIRED LIVING workshop and working with the power of the healing voice, giving one-one consultations in kinesiology and DJing/SInging it up at the Karma Kandara locations and launching my meditation brand there. Music can and does heal and bring peace to the world! and is paying for my holiday! Yay:)

I guess many of you music peeps out there don’t know that when I am not singing or writing music, the way I live my life is helping others achieve their dreams with music and kinesiology. It has always been a dream of mine to basically see the two areas collide in a way that reaches more and more people. Now finally they have. I will be merging my meditation music into my Anikiko profile and allowing the kinesiology world to actually see the Anikiko world. For some reason I have always separated the two. Probably trying to keep everything in its right place I guess. This doesn’t work for me anymore so here we go!

Basically I cannot wait to be singing it up down by the beach for a very special event and then doing a few days of consulting whilst launch the mediation cd’s in world spas! Exciting times ahead.


Here’s the little blurb on the Inspired Living: SOunds Of Solace Sunset Session:

Ani Neradilkova has put together for Karma guests an Inspired Living workshop. This is one of her favourite and most popular workshops. It will cover the core aspects of intention, some kinesiology basics and her sound healing. With her philosophy of Choose, Breath and Receive, Ani facilitates a heart warming sunset session where you can release with ease old beliefs and bring in new intentions with the powerful transformational work in the most luxurious environment.

and here is the kinesiology transformation work in there as well:

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