Light Years and LA, USA Travels

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Three weeks felt like three years! Indeed LA, USA, Philadelphia, Nashville and New York saw many new projects arise and I have my work cut out now that I am back and spending what feels like most of my time on skype continuing these projects.

I headed off the LA straight after 4 day shows at Sydney’s Darling Harbour Mind Body SPirit Festival where over 50,000 people attended! Wow. I am pleased to say we sold out of CD’s and more importantly connected with so many new people who found solace in my music.

Here’s a little insight from a listener:

Niro sent me this email:

Hi Anikiko,

When I saw you signing on stage, I seriously could not seem to take myself away from your voice. I remember a moment where I closed my eyes and just listened to your amazing voice, I saw all sorts of beautiful divine being’s watching from heaven, playing their musical instruments to your song.


I must say I have never experienced something like that before, and I thank you for bringing this experience to me. I have bought some of your CDs – transformation 1and 2. And the Wow factor continues… Meditating with these CDs are very blissful – I feel the presents of angels when you sing. I never knew the voice of an angel, now I hear it ever day thru your voice. J

 You are doing an amazing job there Anikiko, you clearly have a song to sing for this world. May you voice be heard far and wide.

Thank you for such insights and here are some latest lyrics form a track I am working on with Tony is LA. Tony is an amazing writer and producer and I am just stoked to be working with him.

Light Years.

I go the ocean

And stand in the tide

I come here to meet you

Yet Behind the moon you hide

I see the trail of star dust

left in your wake

I’m tracking you with my telescope

I trace the path you make

PC counting down the minutes and the seconds til you touch back down



it took lights years just to come this far

it took us light years

riding on a shooting star

Gallaxies aligned

Destinies collide


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