Celebrate the Small Steps and Song of the Year

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I am learning to celebrate the in between steps! Literally. Some of you know I have had a huge huge hurdle with my physical health whereby since Sept 3rd I could hardly walk due to stress fractures in my L5 area resulting in disc collapse and excruciating pain and nerve damage. They wanted to go for an operation but second opinions revealed that spinal injections could ease the pain and buy time to try and repair the damage over the next 6-12 months. Fingers crossed I won’t go surgery as that would mean I would need a lot of album and song sales! More on that soon.

So, I am celebrating little steps after being able start to drive and walk again.
[facebook_ilike] Not as nice as first place but runner up is good to…. so this song is coming out this November and I can’t wait to share it with you. Its funny because as I made this song, reworked it, re recorded it I would send the files to my phantom producer – we have never met however I saw his silhouette at my basement show one night – he came down to see my live show. Since then I only know him by voice and awesome production. We produced this without ever meeting. I think we will keep it that way as there are more remixes and tracks coming by him real soon. Sicrea! I call him Jules and we love working together. 


here’s the track:

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