Elephant Love Part 2

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So here is Part 2 of Elephant Love….. Love to hear your thoughts!

I am really excited about this song in its early stages. I will indeed be throwing you some other very new sounds which steer toward a very club/pop sound that will hit new listeners real soon.

Love forges a way that the mind cannot control and that’s just part of the feeling this song expresses! Enjoy.


Lyrics: Elephant Love:

I saw you see me stare
At your golden coloured flare
I wondered who you were
Just smiling at the world
You captured me off guard
When you strolled over with charm
Sunshowers kissed my skin
My heart paced it was locked in

You have an Elephant kind of Love
Elephant Love x 2

Like honey to bee
Sweet curiosity
I was caught in your light
You know i cannot hide

The sleepy sun glows
We stood between rainbows
Photographs in my mind
replay this moment in time

Brick by brick
A wall was built
That kept you out and me caged in
Now your fire melts my walls
Echoes in my heart expose

You asked me my favourite pet
And if my dreams came true I’d have an elephant friend
With a big heart, kind eyes and
ears that could wrap around my happy tears

Maybe WE share an elephant kind of love x 4




Elephant Love Part 2 by Anikiko

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