Love Holds The Key and W Bar DJ Set

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There’s a goodness and a truth that can creep in when ou least expect it amongst the smog and confusion of city thoughts and rhythms and busy to do lists….. this song came out of that space where you just ask to be taken away so you can feel what’s real all over again. You get to see what’s real, what sits in with your heart, who sits with your heart and who doesn’t. I had a thought actually about how someone close to you, or someone that knows you, who has always been there, can just say the right thing to get you feeling gentle again, not so hard and defensive… this song just touches on some of these thoughts and experiences….

Enjoy ūüėČ Anikiko


Ooo- also there is a hush-hush DJ set Sept 16th W Bar Woolloomooloo Bay, Sydney 6-10pm. I take on DJ Damien Goundrie with a mix of Anikiko, Jazz and Improvisation over DJ beats and tunes!

So here’s a little pre-release sample of Love Holds The Key to be released very soon.


 Love Holds The Key
There’s a big blind spot in my heart
So Lets get out of the city in your car
I See black diamonds in the sky
City lights have stolen the stars
We’ll take the Highway of peace and let desire drive
To get to a place where I can know your my heart
Cos You get me feeling all gentle again
One moment with you all of my fears dispel
There’s no need to argue
Its plain to see
You’re good for my soul
Im at ease
The love you give me
Holds the Key
Gentle Destiny watches over me
Truth creeps in , the false departs
its always been youFrom the start
Heaven holds a key For you and i
We are the dream-makers this time
Ill forget about the cobwebs in my mind
Take this moment with you to watch the sun rise
watch the sun rise
I Dont know how you did it but you did it again
Seen past allmy scars when my tears wouldn’t end
you’ve shown me an ocean full of stars
Where we can walk our dreams and our world is ours



Love Holds The Key – Pre Release Sample by Anikiko

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  • Austin

    Bonjour .!!! j adore ce que vous faites seul ou avec votre gropue et la mise en valeur de votre e9pouse est magnifique un monde magique, beau, fluide et joyeux .je reave de venir vous voir en vrai peut eatre e0 Lyon ou e0 Paris je suis cela de pre8s !!! belle et longue route e0 vous !!!! Mary